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Chrysler Town & Country – add a family and go

The 2013 Chrysler Town & Country is everything that one could possible want in a family vehicle, besides the family of course.  It is safe, reliable, affordable, efficient, convenient, and most importantly, filled with the latest in in-car entertainment technology.  Therefore, with the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country, those dreaded trips with the kids down the street to the grocery store, as well as the six-hour treks to Grandma's house, turn out to be not so bad.  Read on for details and then come visit us at Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge in Hempstead, NY, to get your family driving a Chrysler in New York today.

What’s your Jeep story?

If you have ever owned a Jeep, than you intimately understand the title of this blog.  It seems as though anyone who has ever travelled around Long Island in a Jeep has a story to tell.  For whatever reason, Jeep owners seem to consistently have a love affair with their vehicle.  Of course, at Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge, your local new and used Jeep dealer on Long Island, we understand that there's just something about a Jeep.

The 2013 Dodge Avenger will catch your eye

Since its debut, the Dodge Avenger has always been a great choice when it comes to a powerful, mid-sized sedan.  What's more, the Dodge Avenger is often thought of as the lone ranger when it comes to a tough, fierce looking sedan, settled in a crowded class of softer, less intense looking sedans.  The combination of its fierce look and impressive V6 engine has served the Dodge Avenger well, and the 2013 model year is certainly no exception.

If you are looking for a pre-owned car that doesn't appear to be a used car, than Garden City Chrysler Dodge Jeep is the dealership for you.  At Garden City Chrysler Dodge Jeep, located in Hempstead, we sell used cars on Long Island that are like new.  Available with varying levels of mileage and features, as well as models and colors, you are sure to find a vehicle that is perfect for you in our pre-owned car lineup.

Start the year off right with a 2013 Chrysler 200

New York Chrysler dealers admittedly have been pushing Chrysler in New York harder than usual as of late, but the truth of the matter is that Chrysler and New York go together now better than ever.  The 2013 Chrysler 200 is the perfect city car.  It has sleek curb appeal that maintains an aura of toughness that is also synonymous with the streets of New York City.  The vehicle seems to say, "I can mean business in a nice way, and if that's not possible then I just mean business."  For consumers looking for a sedan with a bit of an edge, the 2013 Chrysler 200 is the answer.  

A Dodge for every stage in life

To Dodge dealers in Long Island, life should be lived in stages.  Thus, our Dodge lineup is designed around exactly this thought.  We have the perfect vehicle for everyone, no matter one's place in life.  Read on for details.

Just starting out.  Looking for that perfect first car that is chic and cool, but won't set you up for life in the red?  The perfect vehicle for you is the brand new, 2013?

A Jeep for every style

As Jeep dealers in Long Island, at Garden City Chrysler Dodge Jeep we know that there are as many different personalities living on Long Island as there are people.  Thus, we also know that one vehicle does not fit all.  Therefore, we are pleased that at Garden City Chrysler Dodge Jeep, we have a jeep for every style.

Meet the top of the line Chrysler 300

While it is true that the Chrysler 300 is a mid-sized sedan with enough bells and whistles, and a chic enough exterior, to hang with the "big dogs," despite it having a price tag less telling of its impressiveness, the top of the line Chrysler 300 is more suitably classified as a high-end luxury vehicle.  The vehicle is the 2013 Chrysler 300 SRT8 and we guarantee that it is the most impressive Chrysler New York has ever met.

Three reasons why we love the new Dodge Durango

Admittedly, there are lots of different reasons why, as Dodge dealers in New York, we love the new 2013 Dodge Durango at Garden City Chrysler Dodge Jeep.  Furthermore, we think that if you come visit our Dodge dealership on Long Island, in Hempstead, you will find lots of different reasons to love this great vehicle too.  But, to get you started, we've shared three of our favorite reasons below.  After reading them, come visit us at our Dodge Long Island dealership to see if you agree with us!

The 2013 Dodge Journey makes holiday journeys brighter

If you are travelling this holiday season, as a Dodge Long Island dealer we would like to suggest that traveling in a 2013 Dodge Journey can make your holiday journey even brighter.  After all, this vehicle offers excellent handling and superb performance, even in the most adverse climates.  What's more, the interior of the 2013 Dodge Journey is so inviting that it makes even the longest of journeys seem to pass quickly.  In all, as Dodge dealers near Merrick, we recommend this vehicle to any and all traveling family.


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